Inspiring Stories

We want to highlight a few stories of blind people who have adapted to their disability in various ways, or who are excelling in various occupations, as an encouragement (and possible networking contact) for others. If you know of someone who might appropriately be included in these stories, feel free to submit their name for consideration. Inclusion here doesn't imply endorsement.

Muhammad Ahmed, Sialkot, Pakistan

Muhammad did his MSc in Mass Communication from Punjab University, and was given a clerical job in the highways department, but based on his qualifications, he requested and received a job in the Sialkot DCO IT department. He says he has never allowed his disability to stand in the way of his ambition. He uses special software on his laptop to perform tasks. He was featured in a Dawn newspaper article.
Sharmese Anderson, United States

Owner of Styles for All Seasons, officer in several councils of the blind, advocate for service and CNI dogs. National Association of Professional Women. ''In order to fully accomplish God's plan for me I must continue to pray, persevere and sacrifice. I'm not ashamed to be who I am and I am determined to serve, love and trust God until the day I die!'' Her vision loss is due to Retinitis Pigmentosa.
Ricky Avenido, Palayan City, Nueva Ecija, Philippines

Ricky is a blind pastor who currently leads a Wesleyan Church. He volunteers at the RBI Manila office, conducting weekly Bible studies in different schools with blind students.
Teofilo Bijarro, Houston, TX, United States

A legally blind musician, known as ''Blind Teo,'' from Houston, Texas, ''who lost a significant portion of my vision back in 2005 from complications from diabetes. I hope to inspire other people with disabilities to follow their dreams, despite what obstacles life may throw at them. I make videos about my life as a visually impaired musician. Expect to see live music performances, video blogs, instructional materials, and other creative projects.'' His videos
James Boehm, Nashville, TN

Blinded by a 2010 suicide attempt, James now runs Kustom Cane, and uses his ''You Cane Give'' initiative to supply used canes to Global Cane Outreach. Here's a video about his effort.
Kriza Caisip, Philippines

Licensed psychometrician (administers and interprets psychological tests). Former intern, Resources for the Blind.
John Cook, Knoxville, TN, United States

John lost his sight to Glaucoma. He is married, a licensed general contractor (retired), and fine cabinetmaker. John has developed some unique adapations for woodworking and wood-finishing without sight. One of John's furniture pieces.
Tim Cordes, United States

The second blind person ever to be accepted to an American school of medicine. Her is a Wikipedia article.
Abdulaziz Dapilin, Mindanao, Philippines

''Top Ten'' score in licensure exam for teachers. Elementary teacher, Western Mindanao State University, Philippines.
James Dean, Winston-Salem, North Carolina, United States

Jamie has successfully tried cases to juries in state and federal courts in North Carolina and Virginia. He has argued before the Court of Appeals of North Carolina and United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit. Beyond traditional commercial litigation, Jamie uses his decades of experience with adaptive technology to advise clients grappling with the rapidly evolving area of website accessibility. In 2008, Jamie won a silver medal in rowing in the Paralympic Games. He is also a Deacon at Salem Presbyterian Church, and a volunteer with the Forsyth County Jail & Prison Ministry.
Randy Harris,

Mandy Jones,

Married. Makes and sells handmade leather goods. Here is her Twitter.
SJ, United States

After a 38-year career with the Social Security Administration, SJ is now retired. She volunteers in her community, mainly in the K-8 public school down the street.
Marie Joyce Lopez, Sampaloc, Metro Manila, Philippines

Joyce worked at Resources for the Blind in Manila, where she coordinated our blind workers that assist students. She also is frequently in charge of the summer camp.
Arthur Lown, United States (deceased)

Married, father of four. Ph.D., Special Education, Columbia University, New York. Director of services for blind children, Atlanta school system. Founder: Resources for the Blind Philippines and Resources for the Blind International.
Abdul Mannan, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Married, father of two. Street vendor, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Even though he is blind he is not displeased with God; he trusts in God in all his work. See a video about him.
Ojok Simon, Gulu, Uganda

A partially sighted Ugandan who trains rural blind and partially sighted persons to become independent, self reliant and role models through bee keeping. His organization supports the graduates with bee hives and now 28 adult blind and partially sighted men and women are practicing bee keeping in the area. More at HIVE Uganda.
Nobuyuki Tsujii, Japan

World-renowned pianist and composer. Video of the pianist in tears as he plays his composition ''Elegy for the Victims of the Tsunami of March 11, 2011 in Japan'' at Carnegie Hall.
Marshall Tucker, Columbia, SC, United States (deceased)

Married (his wife is also totally blind), two children. Marshall had ''positive pitch'', so he could identify a note simply by hearing it. The Marshall Tucker Band is named after him. ''I've never regarded blindness as a handicap -- it's a nuisance, a real nuisance sometimes!'' Watch a video about him.

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