Blind Disciplemakers

Perhaps the most compelling discipleship model we know includes bringing a blind child or person into a supportive group of other blind persons, led by an older blind Christian who has met and conquered the same obstacles they face.

RBI and interested friends all over the world support a number of trained blind disciplemakers. These disciplemakers work in very challenging circumstances, often traveling alone on public transport through treacherous city traffic to meet groups of students at different schools each day. It is their great joy to see many of those with whom they work grow to maturity and then, in turn, invest their lives in others.

Here are some of those disciplemakers:

Ricky Avenido, Palayan City, Nueva Ecija, Philippines

Ricky is a blind pastor who currently leads a Wesleyan Church. He volunteers at the RBI Manila office, conducting weekly Bible studies in different schools with blind students. 
Nick Bacani, Bautista, Pangasinan, Philippines

Nick has been totally blind since age 14. Throughout his childhood various people shared the gospel with him, but it wasn't until several years after graduating high school that he became a believer. He graduated in 2001 from Wesleyan University and served as youth pastor, assistant pastor, and now a RBI Bible study pastor.

Nick says that it is his greatest joy to see the students he is pastoring attend church regularly, for them to accept Christ as their Savior, and to see them involved in different ministries. He has been greatly encouraged by one of the blind students who has gone on to lead worship and start a college Bible study. 
Joel Bayle, Quezon City, Manila, Philippines

''To see the kids truly seeking the Lord, accepting Him in their hearts, and growing in their faith''--this is the most rewarding experience of Bible study ministry, says pastor and RBI Bible study coordinator Joel Bayle.

He loves the fellowship with the children, teaching them, and sharing the Scriptures with them. ''Little by little, I'm becoming close to the kids, and I feel there are a lot of them who need the Lord in their lives.'' One of Joel's students had gone on to lead worship in his church for several years.

Joel was previously an assistant pastor at a church in Mindoro island. He first started with RBI through the recommendation of friends.

Like fellow blind pastor Reynold Malinao, Joel became a believer through a Christian radio ministry, He remembers listening to the pastor share a message and quoting Matthew 11:28, ''Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.''

Joel holds a Bachelor of Theology from Wesleyan Bible College in Pangasinan province. He is totally blind due to Retinal Detachment. 
Berhanu Belay, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Berhanu, blind since birth, has a heart for ministering to his fellow blind compatriots, both through a local non-profit where he works, and through ministry in churches. He directs Bible studies, preaches, and provides both practical helps and audio Bibles to the blind in several regions. 
Imee Licas Chulipa, Baguio, Benguet, Philippines

Jay Rick Dubria, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

''A long obedience in the same direction'' aptly describes the story of Jay Rick Dubria and RBI.

More than 10 years ago he was a blind student attending a Bible study led by a blind RBI pastor. ''It was through the school Bible study sessions conducted by RBI that I first heard the Word of God,'' he says. ''I became more interested in knowing the Lord, so I regularly attended our Bible study that time.''

In May 2006 he attended one of RBI's summer camps for blind children, and made a profession of faith. After earning a bachelor of arts in Theology, he interned as a Bible study pastor. For several years now, he has led the same Bible studies that first brought him to faith in Jesus.

''I love the fellowship time and counseling I'm doing every time we have sessions with the children,'' he says. The most rewarding aspect, he says, is hearing ''the news that my students are now attending church.''

Because he was part of the fruit of these Bible studies, this work is particularly close to his heart, and he is very grateful to give back and to encourage others with his story. 
Louilen Kuan, Butuan City, Mindanao, Philippines

Louilen is paying it forward. She became a believer at one of RBI's summer camps for blind children in 1997. She has been part of various RBI programs since then, and came on board as a Bible study teacher in 2012 when she graduated college. She has also done numerous other evangelism and discipleship events and programs.

Louilen says her greatest reward is seeing ''how many lives are changed because of knowing Christ through many trainings, workshops, and orientations.'' One of her students is even following the same path: she has attended Bible school and is planning to serve the Lord in ministry. 
Joyce Lopez, Sampaloc, Metro Manila, Philippines

Joyce worked at Resources for the Blind in Manila, where she coordinated our blind workers that assist students. She also is frequently in charge of the summer camp
Arthur Lown, United States

Married, father of four. Ph.D., Special Education, Columbia University, New York. Director of services for blind children, Atlanta school system. Founder: Resources for the Blind Philippines and Resources for the Blind International
Dondon Salud, Tayabas, Quezon, Philippines

In 1997, when he had been totally blind for one year, Don Don heard the gospel and said he was drawn to it, ''because the man who spoke about Jesus said that he offered hope, comfort, and help.'' After becoming a believer, he finished his bachelor's degree in Theology at Wesleyan University with the help of RBI.

He then returned to his rural hometown to teach visually impaired children. He now serves with RBI as a Bible study pastor. Don Don says, ''My work is a rewarding experience, and to have just one soul to hear the message of God's Word and to accept him would be the best thing that I could do with my life. My ministry is to the visually impaired and if I can get them connected to the church and the word of God then all my work is well worth it.''

Don Don is married to Mirriam and they have one son, Nathaniel James.

Sam Srinivasan, Salem, Tamil Nadu, India

Several times each year, S. invites blind beggars from the surrounding region to his home and shares the Gospel with them. He and his family seat them at tables and feed them a good meal. Then he sends them off with some staple food items and an audio Bible. 
Algin Sumaong, Paniqui, Tarlac, Philippines


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